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Every season throws in a unique set of problems that can compromise the livability of a home or business.  We encourage homeowners and businesses to prepare for the harsh side of the winter season by proactively ensuring that their heating systems are in tip-top working condition.

The benefits of scheduling regular heating system maintenance and repair services cannot be exaggerated.  An efficient heating system saves energy, translating to reduced monthly and annual bills.  It improves the quality of indoor air by moisturizing it, resulting in the elimination of dryness and allergens that cause coughs, sore throats, headaches, skin, and nose problems.

We see that most heating systems are prone to damage when they are needed the most and aren’t working optimally.  For example, thermostat mismatch or poor calibration, failing motors, clogged and abandoned air filters, improper installations, extreme working conditions, cheap units and issues related to electronic ignition systems among others are the common sources of furnace problems.

It should be noted that the absence of heat in a home or business isn’t the sole indicator of heating system malfunctioning.  Homeowners must also check for the warning signs such as cycling on/off, loud and unusual sounds and non-responsive thermostat temperature adjustments, among others.

Living in a home or working in a business with a poorly functioning heating system can be precarious to the overall comfort and health of the occupants.  Let Pinnacle take care of all of your heating needs to maintain peace of mind that your system will work for you for years to come!