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Air Conditioning

Often times, people assume that air conditioning units are just to cool the air; however, they are also used to maintain humidity levels.  Air conditioners do this by reducing moisture in the air and helping to prevent mold from growing.  Although the purpose of air conditioners can seem simple, they are actually complicated systems that can malfunction over time.  We encourage you to read over the following tips to help you best understand your air conditioning needs.

5 Telltale Signs Residential Air Conditioning Systems Require Repair

  1. Higher than Normal Electricity Costs
    If you are seeing an increase in charges in your electricity bill, this could be a good sign that something is definitely wrong with your air conditioner. Of course, this is only if you’ve excised other basic factors that could affect the said increase, such as electricity pricing or a rise in usage. Once all of these have been crossed out, the root of the problem could be inefficiency. This could be caused by a number of reasons that an HVAC expert won’t take long to pinpoint.
  2. Consistent Noise
    One of the most obvious signs that your AC is in need of an overhaul is if it’s producing noise that wasn’t there when you first purchased your unit. The noise could be best described as either squealing or grinding. The problem depends on the type of noise you hear from your air conditioning. One thing that they share in common, though, is that they’re not at all pleasing to the ear.
  3. Irregular Temperatures in Air Conditioned Area
    It wouldn’t be hard to detect this problem if you identified spots and areas in your room that are not as cool the rest of the place. If there are spots that are not affected by cooling, this could be due to a thermostat that is improperly installed or in need of replacing.
  4. Leakages of Different Kinds
    If you are seeing puddles of water concentrated directly below your unit, the usual cause of this is a broken drain tube. It could be that the drain tube is clogged or damaged. Another type of leak involves the refrigerant. This issue needs more attention since not only is it a danger to the environment but it could also pose a serious threat to the health of your family. Contacting Pinnacle as soon as possible to check whether this is the case or not is highly advised.
  5. Air Conditioner Doesn’t Release Cool Air
    There’s nothing worse than encountering this problem since it practically means that your air conditioner is, simply put, not fulfilling its primary purpose. The difference in air temperature is easily palpable, as the unit only gives off warm air. This is a very serious problem because it could mean that the compressor is faulty. Oftentimes, this would require your unit to be replaced altogether.