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Air Conditioning

It is understandable that many people think of air conditioning units as devices only for cooling down spaces. However, they also work hard to keep humidity levels in check, which is essential for preventing mold. It is important to recognize the vital role they play in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Despite their importance, it is worth noting that air conditioning systems are complex and can encounter issues over time due to various factors.

We advocate for a comprehensive understanding of your air conditioning requirements to ensure optimal performance. We understand the importance of being well-informed about your air conditioning needs, so we encourage you to take a moment to review the following tips.


5 Indicators Your Residential Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

  1. Increased Electricity Costs:

    If you notice a sudden spike in your electricity bill, despite ruling out other factors like rate changes or increased usage, it may signal inefficiency in your air conditioning system. HVAC experts can quickly diagnose the root cause behind this rise in energy consumption.

  2. Persistent Noise:

    Unusual sounds, such as squealing or grinding, emanating from your AC unit indicate potential issues that require attention. These noises, absent when the unit was new, are clear indicators of underlying problems that need to be addressed promptly.

  3. Inconsistent Cooling:

    Detecting areas in your living space that remain inadequately cooled despite the AC running could signify problems with the thermostat’s installation or functionality. Identifying and rectifying these issues is crucial for maintaining consistent indoor comfort.

  4. Leakage Concerns:

    Puddles of water beneath your AC unit may point to a malfunctioning drain tube, often due to clogs or damage. Additionally, refrigerant leaks pose environmental hazards and health risks to occupants. Immediate inspection and repair by professionals like Pinnacle are recommended to address these issues effectively.

  5. Ineffective Cooling:

    If your air conditioner fails to deliver cool air as expected, it indicates a critical problem, possibly with the compressor. In such cases, replacing the unit might be necessary to restore optimal cooling performance. Contacting qualified technicians promptly is essential to diagnose and resolve these issues efficiently.