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Pinnacle provides installation and repair services for a variety of commercial projects.  It is recommended to have a qualified commercial HVAC professional for any commercial work you need completed. Our specialists will ensure that your system is a correct fit for your building. A system that is too small for your building will fail to heat or cool the space properly. A system that is too large will create unnecessary wear and tear to the system and end up being very costly. Examples of Pinnacle’s commercial service areas include:

  • Office, Retail, Warehouse, Bar and Restaurant
  • Packaged Heatpumps and Gas/Electric Air Conditioners
  • Split Systems
  • VAV’s
  • Custom Designs
  • Cambridge Heaters
  • Unit Heaters
  • Server Rooms
  • Ductless Systems
  • Water Source Heatpumps
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Restaurant Hoods and Make Up Air Systems